You’re in the cloud, so now what?

There is little question that the cloud is the technology of the future. Survey after survey offers predictions that, in the coming years into the coming decade, adoption will grow to near 100 percent. Companies who wish to keep pace will have little choice but to adopt the technology for everything from data storage to client billing software, and take advantage of the many different attributes it can help to install in a company. What is in question, though, for those companies who have not yet taken to the cloud or are considering furthering a deployment, is just exactly how they should do it.

To seek help or not
It’s not just a subject that companies must consider – experts in the field have extensive opinions, according to The Australian. It’s often near impossible to keep it in-house, and many companies try to find outside workers who have sufficient expertise in the field to create a serious deployment. Yet these experts are few and far between, according to Gartner managing vice-president Ian Bertram.

“I think this is going to be a big challenge where we are going to find skills gaps moving forward over the next couple of years,” he said. “It is not a matter of ‘I am going to ship it all outside of my organization and kind of wash my hands of it’ there is still going to be a need internally to manage all of this and this is what many organizations forget.”

Looking for a partner
But the most important internal skills, in the estimation of Bertram and like-thinking experts, is an ability to coexist with partners from outside who are providing the primary expertise and help. It’s often simply too difficult to keep everything in house, especially as the technology grows so fast that companies need to boost their presence at a difficult clip.

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