Worrying about the next move in security

No doubt the cloud provides a huge amount of benefits. Options such as email marketing software and time tracking software have revolutionized the ways that companies do business in this decade, and those in both developed markets as well as emerging ones have flocked to take advantage of all it has to offer. But it does not come without its risks in security, and in many cases it’s best to make sure you have a partner who can help guide you through the decisions rather than to take them on on your own.

Worried about the changes
The latest survey by Dell touched upon attitudes and concerns prominent throughout businesses. Even though many were still worried about the dangers normal technology and conventional infrastructure posed, most were concerned about how the latest changes would be handled.

Most prominently, people mentioned BYOD – the “bring your own device” fad that has workers utilizes phones and tablets for reasons both personal and business-related – as well as the cloud. The truth is that there is still much to be learned for most operations in these regards, even by many people in IT. Consider the recent news about the potential vulnerability in the latest Apple iOS – most companies are unsure how to handle it.

Wondering what’s next
The cloud, too, has many people concerned. Stanley Duncan, for instance, vice president of IT  for DavCo, spoke to Dell about the way things have changed in recent years.

“All threats expose an organization to significant risk, but unknown threats, particularly, are silent predators that can have profound and catastrophic implications on performance and continuity,” he said. “At the same time, compliance demands are ever-growing in complexity. We took proactive steps to guard ourselves both from inside and outside of our perimeters. As a retailer, we take all possible measures to protect our customers, while ensuring PCI compliance for our stores.”

If your company is moving to the cloud, there’s no doubt it’s the right decision – the flexibility and agility it provides are incredibly useful. But it’s always best to work with a partner who knows the landscape. BMI Cloud Solutions has the experience in the cloud to help you make the best possible decisions, as well as award-winning tools such as Pardot and NetSuite.