Worries dissipate once you’re in the cloud

Many businesses are hesitant to make the jump to the cloud, often citing security as one of the many reasons that they worry about making the move. Client information is incredibly valuable, and a single breach can undermine all the trust businesses in areas like project management software take years to cultivate. With such a new technology, businesses reason, there must be too many remaining bugs. In fact, as they make the leap, nearly every company reports their fears were not merely allayed but had originally been unfounded.

Microsoft releases survey
Microsoft recently conducted a survey on the effect of the cloud on small and medium-sized businesses, andthe results are impressive. Tim Rains, director of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group, said that, of the respondents, 94 percent noted that security was better since making the move to the cloud, according to an article at SecurityWeek. This included an array of features, from antivirus protection to patches to anti-spam filters.

There were a number of other noteworthy pieces of data. Around 75 percent of the cloud users said service availability improved in the cloud, with nearly as many saying they were more confident in the safety of their data. An impressive 91 percent of respondents said safety compliance had become simpler in the cloud.

Some still scared
Yet those businesses who had not yet made the leap still had many incorrect perceptions of the cloud. Of the respondents who did not use the cloud, 45 percent though that their data would be less safe, while 62 percent of those who had made the move said in fact that their data was safer. Many were seeking universal standards for the cloud, but did not realize that, even missing these, most companies find the cloud a safe place to be.

It’s a result to take note of. Many companies move to the cloud for reasons of agility and finances, as InfoWorld notes. Yet those who don’t move assume there is a trade-off to be made, that a company must forfeit some of its security in order to take on the widely known benefits.

It’s a false dichotomy, and one that companies should be made very aware of. If your business needs to be sure of its security in moving to the cloud, BMI Cloud Solutions is an excellent option to help you get there quickly and safely. Products like OpenAir and NetSuite are excellent options for businesses of any size.