Workers want cloud computing and mobile devices

The popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has carried over from the consumer market and into the workplace. Armed with these powerful gadgets, many employees are urging their businesses to support these products by incorporating cloud-based solutions, allowing access to corporate documents from any location.

CDW recently polled 1,242 IT professionals and found that more than 70 percent believe their workers’ use of mobile devices and cloud applications has impacted their companies’ desire to adopt cloud computing. In the past two years, 68 percent said employees’ overall requests to access cloud-based environments have increased.

In 2011, CDW found that 28 percent of organizations were using the cloud. Now, this figure has increased to nearly 40 percent. Stephen Braat, general manager at the firm, highlighted the immense benefits of the cloud.

Cloud computing and mobile devices are a good match

“By aligning cloud services with critical applications and preferences of employees that use mobile devices, organizations can better capture business value that includes cost savings, increased efficiency, improved employee mobility, and an increased ability to create innovative new products and services,” Braat said.

Looking ahead, the ability to improve their process automation may drive more businesses to adopt the cloud moving forward. Companies that support a more mobile workforce can experience increased productivity gains and happier employees who can complete projects on their time.

US companies quickly embracing the cloud

The United States is currently a hotbed for cloud computing, according to a separate survey conducted by Redwood Software. Of the U.S. companies polled, nearly 60 percent are currently using hosted environments for private data storage, compared to only 35 percent of U.K. firms. Nearly 50 percent of U.S. respondents are leveraging the cloud for capacity management needs, while only 24 percent of U.K. participants answered similarly.

Redwood Software also found that 30 percent of U.S. organizations adopted cloud computing for its automation capabilities, while 14 percent of U.K. companies did the same.

Tijl Vuyk, CEO at Redwood Software, said the survey results are important for several reasons, and raise the question of whether the U.K. can overcome potential adoption barriers regarding the cloud.

“It will also be fascinating to monitor the timelines involved with this change in mindset, and whether the U.K. will ever catch up to the U.S. or whether the U.S. will continue to lead,” Vuyk said.

Cloud computing has clearly come a long way in a short period of time, cementing itself as an IT staple for many businesses worldwide.

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