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We are a business solutions company that provides expert guidance and support to help businesses and organizations grow.

BMI Cloud Solutions is a leading supplier of front-to-back office solutions, including process definition, system integrations, customization, coding, and support. Our expertise includes e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, professional services, ERP, CRM, and marketing automation. We serve clients in many markets in the U.S. and abroad.


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Our understanding of how data is shared, created, and stored led us to develop a sophisticated, yet simple, first-of-its kind platform for marketing and sales teams: CEDAR LRM. This integration platform and lead record management module is a significant step forward in data management when using multiple solutions. This is the level of expertise and innovation you have with BMI as your partner.

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We’re tough on our customers … in a good way. “Yes,” isn’t always the best answer. Unlike some solutions providers, when our expertise tells us that an idea isn’t going to work, we tell the client, “no.” We also won’t commit to a client if we know we lack the skill set to deliver. We will gladly connect you with other resources and partners to ensure you get the best possible result. Integrity is important to us, and something we believe adds value to the products and services we provide.

What do we do?

We make our customers happy.

BMI takes the time to get to know you, your team, and your business. We document our approach, so you know exactly where we are in the process. This encourages dialogue, and leads to a better understanding of your needs. For projects big or small, we will be there for initial implementation, phase two implementations, audits, custom programming, and with enterprise integration solutions.


Our Clients



Customer Issue
Instead of focusing on sales, this client’s account managers were required to devote hours each week processing customer subscription renewals.

Using SuiteFlow for NetSuite, BMI developed a process that automatically sent periodic subscription renewal email reminders to customers, including a 15-day follow-up if no renewal was received following the first message. This ensured that customers had plenty of notice without involving the sales staff in making those contacts. Overall, the automation resulted in significant time savings for account managers, allowing them to focus on closing more sales.
Customer Issue
Our client had an inefficient tracking process for inventory shipped in containers from overseas. The manual process required a significant amount of human interaction, and numbers usually need to be reworked after receipt to ensure that all information was properly entered and accounted for in NetSuite.

BMI created a new automated process in NetSuite for the purchase order receipt, transfer order, and billing. The new automated process now requires minimal human interaction and has freed up 10-12 man hours (or more depending on volume) each week, and reduced data errors. This new solution also removed a large obstacle to the company’s scalability, allowing the sales volume to grow without the need for additional staff and training.
Customer Issue
Sales Reps attending tradeshows were unable to quickly build estimates in NetSuite for attendees stopping by their booth. This created quite a bit of disconnect and required heavy follow-up after the event. With the delay, some sales were lost because of the absence of quicker turnaround option.

BMI created a simple and easy-to-use interface synchronized with NetSuite and enabled the sales team to create estimates on the fly. The sales team was happier with the solution as were the customers. The product is now being used in other parts of the business to help expedite sales order processing.
Customer Issue
A client who used NetSuite and their own forecast methodology spent hours manually updating sales data to their vendor, who used SalesForce and a completely different forecast methodology. The delays in getting data to the vendor resulted in lost sales, and data errors. The client estimated that 10-15 hours each week was devoted to this current process, tying up one, and sometimes two, employees.

BMI worked with the customer and vendor to create a live synchronization between the two systems. This tool took into account the following requirements:
  • Effective and accurate tracking and updating of products codes
  • Monitoring of data being synchronized: Algorithms built to interrogate data flow for accuracy and completion
  • Identify and notify parties when a failure to synchronize occurred
  • Forecasting methodology differences: Included a configurable system algorithm to automate forecasting transference
  • Sales administration tools allowing for validation of sales rep and synchronization of data
Customer Issue
A customer was required to be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, necessitating a high level of encryption and other data protections.

After a great deal of research, BMI developed two options for our client. The first uses NetSuite and CEDAR with a double encryption data protection system. The second option is a bit simpler and would encrypt portions of the data in NetSuite. Both solutions allow controls at the user level.
Customer Issue
This customer had a tight deadline for the launch of an e-commerce website involving multiple and disparate systems and partners. They used NetSuite for accounting and inventory, and SalesForce for price control, and they needed to provide data from both systems to their ecommerce partner, Demandware.

BMI’s CEDAR platform connected the systems and a Windows application controlled the transfer of data between systems. The solution was packaged into a Windows service that runs on one of the client’s Windows servers, polling, formatting, and transmitting data on a customized schedule.
Customer Issue
The customer’s approval process was a complex hierarchy and needed enhancements beyond NetSuite’s “out-of-the-box” sequential approval process.

BMI created an automated process using SuiteFlow to allow multiple levels of approval/rejection before the final approval by the accounting manager. Using SuiteFlow, each step of the approval hierarchy (employee, supervisor, accounting staff, accounting manager) can easily approve the expense, making it available for the next party, or reject the expense and send it back to the previous approver to edit and correct. This improvement ensured a more timely and efficient approval process.



Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say about us.

“The team at BMI is extremely knowledgeable about NetSuite and business in general. That knowledge, combined with their passion about helping businesses get to the next level, makes them a critical component of our team’s success. We value the partnership we have with BMI.”
Sean Callahan, director of operations and customer support, PlanetDog

“From our first conversation, BMI started adding value. The projects we’ve done together, from customized shipping flows to customer database clean-up, have been hugely impactful. Their ability to quickly understand complex business needs and customize solutions sets them apart.”
Kim Dietz, product manager, Omnichannel at LoveSac

“We have been using CEDAR LRM for three years now, and the positive benefits have been truly immeasurable.”
Nick Mazares, sales operations manager, TriMech