NetSuite Implementation Services

implementation servicesLeveraging the power of NetSuite depends on the skills of your implementation partner. BMI’s technical solution consultants have a strong understanding of business operations and process improvements. A partnership with BMI means you have ready access to the best support and expertise.

We will provide you with ongoing guidance and assistance from the discovery phase through the completion of initial implementation. You can also look to us to develop out-of-the-box solutions to meet your business’ unique needs, and to do so with cost-effective customizations.


Would you like full NetSuite implementation in 100 days or less? That is the power of SuiteSuccess, a new method of implementation and operational efficiency developed by NetSuite. BMI specialists were among the first to incorporate SuiteSuccess, and the results have been outstanding. Ninety percent of customers said they would be willing to give a positive reference for the method.

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Phase Two…and Beyond

We stand by our work, auditing the system to determine if there are unused scripts or code that could be utilized to improve efficiency, and when appropriate, suggesting further customization. Most importantly, we take the time to to talk to your team. They are the experts in how the system is working for you.

Our clients often choose a limited initial implementation because they have one pressing need that the system addresses, and they are uncertain that all of NetSuite’s capabilities apply to their overall operation.

Over time, these same clients often determine that new configurations, new scripted workflows, custom programs, or third-party applications could take their team to the next level of productivity. With input from BMI’s team of consultants, programmers, and operations professionals, a Phase Two, or higher, implementation is needed.

BMI is with you every step of the way, engaging in a long-term dialogue with your team to understand, and respond to, your business’ unique challenges.