Customization and Consulting

Get the Most from NetSuite

It starts with BMI’s team working closely with yours so we thoroughly understand your existing systems and operations. Then we define new and more efficient ways to get the most from NetSuite.

Through Process Mapping, we audit your current systems to identify areas for improvement.

Frequent improvements include:

  • > Increased NetSuite Functionality
    Our experts use JavaScript, C# and web services, to extend NetSuite functionality to address processes unique to your business.
  • > User Interfaces
    We can deploy and configure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to put vital data in the hands of your staff, and also create custom options such as “click” buttons to improve automation.
  • > Process Mapping
    This detailed audit of your current systems is helpful in identifying areas for improvement.
  • > Automated Workflow
    Using NS SuiteFlow, your process can be automated, saving time by reducing redundant or well-defined repeatable processes.
  • > Synchronization
    Using our custom application, CEDAR LRM, BMI links such disparate systems as Pardot, Hubspot, Salesforce, and other solutions with an API or developer SDK.

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