What professionals demand most of the cloud

With so many offerings, from project management software to professional services automation, the cloud has something for every business. Now, one survey has found what professionals are most looking for when they make the move to the new technology, and as is so often the case, quality is the common factor.

Money is no issue, some believe
CWCS Managed Hosting recently conducted a study of IT professionals and managers, according to Midsize Insider, looking to find out what these medium-sized business employees were seeking out the most when they looked to enter the cloud. The response was overwhelming – more than half were primarily demanding that reliability and uptime be of the utmost importance to the company they chose to work with.

Second place saw security and flexibility cited, with a little more than 23 percent of the respondents saying that these were their primary concerns. It’s no surprise, as many stories tell the tales of the optimization of processes through more flexible cloud deployments.

Third place was scalability with 15 percent, but perhaps the most noteworthy response was the fourth place finisher – cost. Only 8 percent of respondents considered it a top priority.

Trying to do it all while taking a risk
It may be surprising to some, but it makes perfect sense to those who have experienced the cloud. The technology has a vast amount to offer in terms of business benefits, and to leave them on the table while risking safety is often not the optimal strategy. Some companies seek to minimize costs by creating their own cloud setup, according to CloudTweaks. Often, though, that leads to even greater complications.

A great deal of time, effort and a “healthy dose of troubleshooting” await a company that is bold enough to take on the effort. In the end, it is certainly possible – but there are huge risks involved in such a process, not the least of which is inadequate security knowledge or preparations.

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