What are the differences between B2B and B2C marketing?

B2B marketing isn’t as simple as marketing campaigns geared toward general consumers. As a result, some businesses in this field find it difficult to strike a chord with other companies. Business 2 Community’s Adele Revella recently highlighted the differences between the two approaches and how firms can improve B2B marketing success.

“For the most part, B2C products are ‘low-consideration’ decisions, where branding plays a major role in the buyer’s choice, while B2B products tend to be ‘high-consideration’ decisions where buyers need specific information before they commit,” Revella wrote.

Companies with B2B marketing campaigns should consider several aspects of their outreach. Revella suggested that firms think about how their potential clients are investing in their choices and how a wrong decision can impact them in the long run.

One way firms can improve their B2B marketing success is through email. B2BMarketing.net’s Simon Bowker recently explained that businesses should avoid attaching emotion to their messages because other firms are looking for information that can help improve their organizations.

However, this approach doesn’t mean emails to other businesses should just include text. Bowker added that content should revolve around facts that describe the products and reflect the industry they operate in.

Another way companies can improve their email marketing is to liken the experience to a face-to-face meeting, Bowker suggested. There should be a clear call to action without too many promotional or secondary messages.

In addition to improving overall B2B marketing campaigns, measuring success is critical. Industry professionals encourage organizations to use email marketing software to track client interaction and determine a distinct return on investment.