Trust in cloud computing growing quickly

Cloud computing allows companies worldwide to change how they operate, whether firms want to lower spending, improve efficiency or empower employee collaboration through process automation advantages. Although some have been critical of the cloud’s security or lack thereof, a new survey of 250 IT decision-makers by Claranet found that 54 percent believe hosted environments are as secure or more so than on-site IT. This finding is especially significant because a study in 2011 found that a similar percentage said the cloud was more of a risk than on-premise deployments.

Claranet also found that 25 percent of participants said their companies have adopted public clouds, while nearly 30 percent have implemented hybrid models. Michel Robert, managing director at the service provider, explained the significance of the survey’s findings.

“In late 2011, more than half of respondents said that cloud computing services posed a greater security risk than in-house infrastructure, with only a third saying that it was an equivalent risk,” said Robert. “Those figures are now 46 percent and 44 percent respectively, which shows a narrowing of the gap on trust. These figures are supported by the significant growth in the take-up of hybrid and public cloud infrastructure.”

Firms that do not want to fall behind their competitors may need that extra jolt to keep them moving forward. The cloud continues to become more of an IT staple as time goes on. Companies that want to take their operations to the next level should strongly consider adopting hosted environments if they have not already done so. With the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets growing, employees want the freedom to access corporate documents anywhere. The cloud allows staff members the flexibility to do just that, making collaboration even more effective.