Tipping point for cloud use may be here

To many, it may seem the cloud has already neared peak use. With uses from cloud-based MRP to client billing software, it has transformed a wide variety of sectors and become an important component in many businesses. Yet reports constantly arise that point out how quickly it is growing – and there are still some businesses left to make the switch.

The latest report comes from Verizon, which has compiled its 2013 State of the Enterprise Cloud Report. The report found that, contrary to the expectations of many, cloud growth has not nearly plateaued.  Between January 2012 and January 2013, it grew 90 percent in enterprise.

There have been trends in the change, too. Many corporations are not merely at the testing and development stage in the cloud, but are in fact operating with external-facing uses and other critical business applications.  It’s a sign of the growth in confidence.

If your operation has yet to embrace the cloud, it is time to consider it. As it expands rapidly, competitors may soon have a leg up if companies do not embrace the agility and flexibility the cloud offers. BMI Cloud Solutions is ready to help your company determine its ideal setup.