Those who enter the cloud stay, survey finds

With options ranging from time tracking software to cloud-based MRP, there are any number of reasons for companies to make the leap into the cloud. Some are hesitant, though, with a variety of concerns – but one new study shows that those who do make the move tend to stay there.

Ignorance is not bliss
Companies who have taken to the cloud begin to see further benefits, according to the study from NTT Com Security, a risk management firm. More than half of all the respondents said that, after moving in to the cloud, they believe that the cloud offers significant advantages to traditional solutions in the are of agility. In addition, those the survey classified as advanced cloud adopters – companies that had been using the technology for a significant amount of time and adopted it in a variety of different areas – valued its agility at a seventy percent rate, and also cited its cost and security as benefits as well. The technology is becoming more widespread, and with it is growing enthusiasm for the advantages it offers, according to Garry Sidaway, global director of security strategy at NTT Com.

“Although Cloud technology is still maturing, attitudes among IT professionals rapidly become more positive in every aspect once businesses have had time to evaluate the many benefits of private, public or hybrid cloud deployment for themselves,” said Sidaway.

I can see clearly now the cloud is here
Nearly every company had seen certain advantages – almost 70 percent said they had an improved financial standing due to the cloud. But the advanced cloud adopters, who represented only 8 percent of the total respondents, had the most marked enthusiasm.  More than 60 percent said security improved, while 67 percent said it increased accessibility. It works in a positive feedback cycle, Sidaway said – those who adopt the cloud tend to keep moving further in.

“Once businesses have the right policies in place, they rapidly advance the number of services and applications delivered via the cloud model,” he said.

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