Thinking about governance in the cloud

What are the most important factors to consider when you are choosing your cloud provider? Well, of course, first you must decide to even work with a cloud partner, and there are countless reasons for that. But very often, people will focus on factors such as price when there are many other considerations at play such as governance. Whether you’re utilizing the cloud for services such as client billing software or cloud CRM, make sure you consider a whole range of factors before making the jump.

Moving quickly, but with caution
Too many companies stop after the basic considerations of the cloud. It’s often a long process to decide to even make the move to jump, so they may be worn down by the time it comes to pick a partner in making the change. But this is one of the most important parts, a true make or break moment for those who are first embracing the technology. It’s essential to make sure you allow sufficient time to tackle any number of topics.

Consider governance which, as TechRepublic notes, often makes for a much different experience in the cloud. Some companies utilize low governance situations, which means that they may in fact be less expensive – but costs are hidden elsewhere. There is likely a greater chance they may go down, the source notes, and indeed without any explanation at all, or even just a barely explanatory one.

Finding out what is most right for you
Some companies can endure such a scenario, but for others, it would be hugely destructive. It’s a balance that must be struck, but too often companies may simply jump at the low price tag and hardly consider what lies behind it.

Instead, make sure you ask all the question and get all the answers when you’re doing your search. If you’d like a partner in making the move to the cloud with the experience and knowledge to get it right, consider BMI Cloud Solutions. We have been working at the task for years, so we can help you determine what’s best for your unique situation and adapt a solution to help you figure out what is right for your company. With award-winning tools such as Kenesto and Pardot at our disposal, we can help you take your work to the next level.