The lessons from the past apply to the cloud

The cloud offers a variety of important tools for businesses in almost any sector – from time tracking to client billing software, there is something for everyone. Companies are taking up the technology at a quick rate, and in many ways, it resembles the early days of personal computing and the impact it had on business. In looking back, some analysts note that there is much to be learned from the history of the changes.

Computing and its discontents
Hard as it may be for the younger people of the workforce to believe, it hasn’t been all that long since the days preceding the internet – and even since a computer at every desk. Yet with the advent of those technologies, companies were forced to adopt these products and evolve quickly, otherwise competitors would take the upper hand on them in productivity, as DesignNews notes.

The rise of the PC – and the power it brought with it – completely changed the face of everyday life in business. Companies began by having large mainframes, but as people realized the incredible utility of these smaller computers, workers pushed for it, and businesses quickly adopted it.

Now, the cloud has taken a similar role. Only a few years ago, companies were hesitant to truly and widely adopt the technology. In most cases, only its status as a data storage option was considered, and people hardly explored the many other options it offered. But now, it’s becoming clear that there are any number of ways to capitalize on the technology.

It’s important to get in at this point, as DesignNews notes – the cloud is hardly fully at its peak, as the history of business and computing shows. It will continue to evolve and progress, and those who best take advantage of the options it brings will likely be able to achieve success that others can not.

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