The cloud set to help gaming

The cloud has revolutionized a variety of areas of business, from time tracking software to cloud-based MRP. Yet there are still areas it has yet to fully capitalize on, and now, with gaming set to see an important set of releases in the coming months, it stands to reap great benefits from the technology.

Moving onwards, moving upwards
Microsoft Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4 are coming soon, and they will be in a battle for the hearts of gamers. Video games are now a massive industry – one only need to take a glance at the sales figures to see just how big. The recently-released Grand Theft Auto V, for instance, approached a billion dollars in first week sales, a figure that outstrips most of the biggest films ever made. There is a great deal at stake in the gaming battle, and that is why these companies are looking to capitalize on every advantage.

The cloud will be a large part of the experience for many gamers in the upcoming systems, too. Speaking at the Eurogamer Expo recently, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison spoke specifically about the role the cloud would play in the system, according to Gaming Bolt.

“It’s also about cloud processing and AI,” Harrison said. “This is where some of the computational effort of a game can be offloaded to the dedicated CPUs on the cloud, to make your game experience even better, better graphics, better lighting, better physics. This is an example of where we think the the cloud is going to push the next generation of game development in new and creative ways, that will make the experience even more better.”

In fact, it’s these features which are attracting the most hype and attention in the run-up to the system’s release, Inside Network’s Billy Pidgeon told USA Today.

“The way the non-gaming features are integrated could be very good,” said Pidgeon.

The cloud is changing a great number of industries, all of which have diverse goals and needs. Yet it is able to adapt to each specific instance in order to provide a valuable service. If your company is looking to make the change to the cloud, or increase your operations within it, consier BMI Cloud Solutions. With award-winning tools such as Kendot and OpenAir, BMI can help you find the optimal solution for your companies challenges.