The cloud is set to revolutionize gaming, expert says

The cloud has changed businesses in dozens of fields. As the technology has evolved and morphed, it has provided tools such as cloud-based CRM and web marketing automation that have made business not only easier, but more dynamic for the companies involved.  Now, it’s set to revolutionize another field which people more conventionally think is for kids.

The cloud enters video games
Video games may have a stigma of being for geeks and manchildren, but the industry is in fact embraced by a wide variety of demographics at this point and, as such, has a massive amount of money behind it. Companies spend fortunes attempting to grab the next cutting-edge development in order to ensure they keep pace with competitors, and with the next round of consoles set to hit the market in the coming months, many are wondering what the killer app will be.

One expert in the field is predicting it will be the cloud. Thomas Bidaux has worked for a variety of companies in the industry, taking on positions in all sorts of different areas, and he has witnessed a great deal in his time. As such, he is uniquely qualified to offer his thoughts on what comes next, and that will be the cloud, he told Gamasutra.

“I would say cloud computing [is the next major change in network tech],” he told the source. “And I don’t mean to say cloud gaming specifically, there is still much to be proven on this to convince me. But there is a lot of untapped potential from cloud computing in the way games are conceived.”

Coming to change the game
The change may not be one that gamers would even fully perceive, Bidaux said. Instead, in subtle ways, it would streamline and transform the world of gaming by making things simpler.

“The nicest change would be the one you don’t want players to notice: convenience,” he told the source. “We can already see the next gen of consoles touting the fact a lot of the user data relevant to the games will be stored in the cloud, making the device less relevant as far as your information are concerned. Of course, that’s already been the case with a large number of games on Steam too.”

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