The cloud has only boosted security, one expert claims

The main question so many people have about the cloud is security. If you’re putting everything in a location that is not located on the premises in a concrete way, it seems to arouse in people’s minds greater concerns and fears about what is happening to it. Of course, in the modern age, you can hardly see the information being stored in servers in the same way that you could in filing cabinets, even if the servers are in your offices – but when those servers are elsewhere, people have bigger concerns.

It’s certainly a fair concern, but too many analysts have played a part in stoking the embers of fear, according to one expert on the subject. In fact, as the cloud has grown, it has constantly performed in a manner that those who would encourage security fears have said it would not be able to.

Saving the IT industry
Davey Winder, an IT expert, told Cloud Pro that there has been an endless stream of analysts offering dire warnings about the cloud as its rise has continued. It’s not always just isolated fearmongers, either, he points out – it’s often formed into a overlapping group offering what he calls “the cloud knell of doom.” What’s most important about these claims, though, is their persistent ability to not come true.

Instead, Winder notes, the cloud has in many cases freed up those in IT to do other tasks. Instead of having to focus on keeping conventional infrastructure working, they can focus on all areas of security, and there has been no indication that the cloud presents greater dangers than previous options did. In fact, Winder claims, it’s led to a full-on “rejuvenation” of the entire IT sector in all manners.

In some regards, too, the cloud has clearly boosted security in a number of ways. The cloud has helped to prevent hackers in areas such as denial of service hacks, and is constantly improving. No matter how you’d like to take advantage of the cloud, BMI is ready to help you decide what is best for your company. We have years of experience in the area, and the substantial expertise that has given us will allow us to optimize your business with choices specific to your situation. We’re ready to lend you a hand with award-winning tools such as Kenesto and Pardot.