The cloud forms the building blocks of business

Those who are unfamiliar with the cloud are usually unaware of the incredible array of services it has to offer. Many surveys in the past have shown over and over that people – and, in many cases, businesses that have yet to embrace the technology – are mostly unaware of what the cloud is, really. And, in fact, those who do often simply think of it in the most basic terms as data storage. Rarely are people aware of the incredibly specific applications it can have, such as client billing and time tracking software.

Something for everyone
This is a problem – as Donald Rumsfeld once famously said, these are “unknown unknowns.” If a company is aware of the cloud and the agility and productivity boosts it can offer, but consciously chooses against it, this is one thing – although it is happening at a much lower rate these days, it is a conscious choice. But too often, businesses who do not look to the cloud are unaware of what they are missing.

Forbes even takes many of the services and turns them into a “periodic table of the cloud.” The original periodic table, of course, offers a glimpse into the basic building blocks of life, showing the many different elements that combine to form the incredible array of matter around us. Forbes’s offering shows all the different services the cloud offers that have helped to structure the important new business offerings of the past several years.

The building blocks of business
The most basic, taking the place of hydrogen in the top left corner, is “compute” – the cloud can vastly boost a company or an individual’s computing power. Most know this, but from there it expands rapidly. From human resource to project management to mobile services, there is something in the cloud for any business or industry. In the same way that all matter comes from the elements, all businesses can have part of their makeup be in the cloud.

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