The cloud continues to help small business

Whether taking to the cloud with tools such as cloud ERP or a different option like financial software, small businesses around the nation have quickly learned the importance of the technology over the past several years. Some, though, still remain hesitant to make the move, with a number of different concerns often being cited. But one new report shows that, as SMBs move to the cloud in rapidly rising numbers, it’s important that the rest do too, or else they risk getting left behind.

SMBs moving up into the cloud
The report comes from Parallels, and it speculates that the market for small and medium sized businesses will be in excess of $125 million during the year 2016, according to Channel Pro. Entitled the 2013 Cloud Insight report, the study was previewed recently at an event where company executives spoke about just how much the sector is set to grow.

Yet it was not only a discussion of the growth – which, if it continued at the rate predicted, would be an impressive 26 percent compound annual growth rate over the market size in 2013 – but also of strategy. CEO Birger Steen spoke at the event about the necessity of finding real experts to make sure you get all you can from the cloud.

“Most businesses, and in particular SMBs, should not be running their IT from closets next to their lunch room,” he said, according to the source. “They should be consuming their IT from somebody that’s a hundred percent focused on doing just that in the cloud.

Small businesses certainly have abundant reasons to take to the cloud, there is little doubt. But it’s not just for smaller operations either – medium and large sized companies continue to move to the cloud in huge numbers as well. As Steen said, there is no one place that can benefit from the cloud.

“The time has really come, not only to Wall Street, but to Main Street where real businesses live and operate,”he said, according to the source.

No matter how big your business, the cloud has something to offer, but it’s important to make sure you’re working with the right company to get all you can out of your deployment. BMI Cloud Solutions has the years of experience in the area that are necessary to help you determine what the optimal setup is for your company. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir at our disposal, we can help you to quickly get your company working at the next level.