The cloud continues to change the workplace

The cloud is the subject of a great deal of hype throughout the technology sector. If you run a business, you can hardly get away from the excitement surrounding the possibilities the cloud offers, from client billing software to B2B email marketing software to cloud-based CRM.

Some out there have yet to fully embrace the cloud within their business, and there are no doubt legitimate reasons a company may not wish to rush into the commitment. Some of these companies, though, may not have explored the cloud merely due to an aversion to all the hype, and this is potentially a mistake – as one analyst recently noted, the cloud has in many ways become simply indispensable to modern business.

Changing the framework
The cloud is rebuilding the modern company in almost all ways, according to IT Pro Portal. Both inside and out of the organization, it’s allowing not just for greater flexibility, but for an entirely new model.

Within an organization, for instance, collaboration becomes far easier. Previously, huge barriers to exchange and communication existed that required time and money to overcome, but the cloud has broken down many of these walls through its incredible ability to boost agility. But it’s not just inside the organization – in communicating with vendors and the supply chain, companies are now finding the process far easier as well, according to the source.

These sorts of game-changing qualities are incredibly important, but only if you can find the right partner, according to the source. Gartner analyst Daryl Plummer articulated the importance of the right partner early on, noting that the choice is a central one.

“What sits between you and the cloud will become a critical success factor in cloud computing, as cloud services multiply and expand faster than the ability of cloud consumers to manage or govern them in use,” he said.

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