The cloud can help simplify content management

Cloud-based project management software brings simplicity to all kinds of corporations daily. In one notable recent development, the cloud has arisen as a way for companies to manage the large volumes of media content they produce.

Aragon Research recently noted this growing trend. The era of the paper document is coming to an end, the news source notes, as corporate workers are finding it convenient and cost-effective, not to mention environmentally friendly, to read documents on tablets and other electronic devices rather than waste paper. As such, companies are beginning to use the cloud to manage all the content they produce. That movement begins with written articles, but it extends much further. Multimedia content such as videos and podcasts can also transition to the cloud.

InfoWorld notes that Google has become a major player in the cloud content management movement. By offering companies ways of managing their content that are mobile, customizable and affordable, the corporation has gotten a leg up on its competitors in the cloud market.

In today’s business world, content production is a fast-paced and often collaborative endeavor. The cloud helps expedite the process and makes data sharable for all, and BMI works with companies to help them crank out material more quickly and cost-effectively.