The cloud and the changing nature of business

In all the talk about new technology, “disruptive” is a word that flies about a lot. Often, people talk about it with regards to simply any new technology – as Slate has pointed out, it’s in too many ways a meaningless buzzword. There are things that change the way people live and do business, and these do indeed “disrupt.” In many ways, Slate notes, smartphones have been disruptive, but the iPhone could hardly be said to be so. Instead, it was a better version of an old product.

The true changes and disruptions
Yet those which completely alter the way an entire sector operates are the real “disruptions” – and the cloud, with options such as time tracking software, has been one real example. Now, cloud-based ERP, which has been so widely adopted and embraced, is set to cause only further changes in the coming years.

According to Gartner, the cloud-based version of ERP could have completely eliminated older, more orthodox methods by the year 2016. The agility and flexibility that a cloud deployment offer are simply too much to pass up, according to Andy Kyte, a vice president and fellow at the company. And those who have not been able to boost their cloud presence are paying the price now, he said.

“The need for agility and responsiveness has led highly customized ERP implementations to an impasse, creating a subset of legacy ERP installations that must be dealt with constructively,” said Kyte. “Early ERP adopters, particularly large enterprises in energy, manufacturing and distribution industries, are paying the penalty of a decade or more of excessive customization. Businesses looking to improve administration today can take advantage of lower costs, better functional fit and process flexibility offered by blending cloud applications with on-premises applications in what we now refer to as ‘postmodern ERP.”

A gradual change
The current state of affairs will not change overnight, as the cloud has itself already taken time to reach this point. After all, Kyte notes, many companies are invested heavily in the technology. But soon, many will be moving the cloud as quickly as possible.

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