The benefits of cloud-based ERP are evident

On-site ERP may have had its day in the sun as more organizations are realizing the potential of migrating these applications to the cloud. A recent Manufacturing Business Technology report highlighted the advantages of cloud-based ERP for firms.

The news source explained that cloud-based ERP allows companies to rethink how they do business, much like the first ERP solutions did when they were released. The cloud allows staff members to collaborate regardless of location. This situation can greatly benefit organizations that produce their own products, because supply chain requirements can change on a dime.

This type of agility is what sets the cloud apart from on-site infrastructure. According to the news source, hosted environments are ideal for supporting businesses that must to change it up when new demands are needed immediately. This could be the result of new mergers and acquisitions, increased labor costs or pressure from competitors.

In addition to giving new meaning to collaboration, cloud computing allows entire organizations to have visibility into their operations. The report explained that all departments can now have a firm understanding of what the company is trying to achieve.

Cloud environments may become even more popular

Cloud computing is not just suited to support ERP deployments. The technology is ideal for CRM, HR and other mission-critical applications. A survey of IT professionals conducted by CloudPassage found that more than 40 percent currently host external apps in the cloud, while 36 percent have specifically done so with their ERP, CRM and HR solutions.

The cloud’s popularity may gain an even greater boost as more organizations try to extract value from big data. According to the survey, 70 percent of IT professionals said their firms expect to leverage public clouds in 2013 to manage big data projects.

“Big data might very well be the catalyst that will push adoption of public cloud into overdrive,” said GoodData Corporation CEO Roman Stanek. “Real-time scalability will be key and a secure cloud will be the enabler.”

Cloud-based ERP is here to stay

Whether a company wants to migrate its mission-critical applications, support big data projects or improve employee collaboration, it can do so thanks to cloud computing. Although some industry pundits used to scoff at the idea of the cloud becoming an IT staple, more research continues to point to the contrary.

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