SuiteSuccess – NetSuite Implementation Made Simple

There’s a new path to success with NetSuite, and it’s pretty sweet. If you’ve investigated ERPs, you don’t need to be convinced that NetSuite is a powerful solution to transform and synchronize how you manage every aspect of your business. But it’s no secret that moving from whatever system (or systems) you’re currently using, no matter how outdated or fragmented they are, can seem overwhelming. Just the thought of embarking on data migration and CRM implementation is enough to make even the most ambitious and optimistic among us reach for the aspirin.

Typically, traditional NetSuite implementation can take anywhere from 6 months to more than a year. And let’s be real, the implementation process is lengthy and involved. This can be daunting for any business, especially one that may not have the resources to dedicate a full-time employee to manage an ERP implementation process.

There’s no one who better understands just how significant the implementation process is than NetSuite and BMI Cloud Solutions, who have helped countless businesses across industries make this upgrade. In order to ease the process, NetSuite introduced SuiteSuccess, their implementation and operational efficiency method that allows customers to benefit from being fully implemented with NetSuite in 100 days or less.

In addition to streamlining the implementation process, SuiteSuccess provides businesses the adaptability necessary to expand in a rapidly evolving global landscape, rather than perpetually attempting to catch up to it.

NetSuite Success in 100 Days or Less Sounds Great…but How is it Possible?

Full ERP implementation in fewer than 100 days is a lofty goal, but it is no surprise that, of anyone, a process to accomplish this was perfected by the experts at NetSuite. They used their 18 years of experience and the experiences of implementation specialists to develop SuiteSuccess, which streamlines the process without losing the NetSuite platform’s trademark agility and adaptability.

The specialists at BMI Cloud Solutions were among the first to incorporate the SuiteSuccess methodology, and are now helping organizations across industries go live with NetSuite faster, and with an improved rate of adoption.

The SuiteSuccess method takes advantage of the commonalities found within specific industries during the planning phase of NetSuite implementations. Traditionally, NetSuite implementation was customized to best fit the individual needs of a single organization based on the current systems, practices, end goals, etc. of that organization. While it remains true that every organization is unique in their practices, services, and system requirements, overtime as NetSuite grew and expanded to the cloud-based, fully integrated ERP solution it is today, two things came to light regarding implementation:

  1. Within industries, the essential processes an organization requires and how to best migrate those to NetSuite efficiently, are quite often essentially the same or, at least, share core commonalities.
  1. Many organizations can benefit from a shortened, optimized implementation process, based on proven strategies and designed to suit the needs common to their industry overall.

The ingeniousness of SuiteSuccess is that it doesn’t just force users into a template, but approaches the NetSuite product adoption comprehensively, using time-tested, industry-specific strategies with proven results.

And so far, these results are exceeding expectations.

The experienced team of technical solution consultants at BMI Cloud Solutions are experts on the NetSuite implementation process, and are trained to best help organizations go-live with their NetSuite instance faster and cleaner, using this effective method.

Get On Board with NetSuite Better and Faster – SuiteSuccess and BMI Cloud Solutions

If you are interested in learning more about how NetSuite implementation with SuiteSuccess can transform the way your business operates, or for information on how BMI Cloud Solutions can provide expert guidance and support to help your company grow, please call us at (888) 351-6335 or visit our website.