Successful B2B marketing campaigns start with the customer

B2B marketers looking for ways to improve their campaigns do not always have to focus on implementing the latest marketing channels to be successful. Sometimes, just paying closer attention to the client base can make all of the difference. In an interview with The Guardian, Justine Arthur, head of communications and campaigns at BT Expedite, explained the importance of the customer.

Arthur told the news source that her approach to B2B marketing is to always begin with the customer by having an end-to-end view of the audience/user experience.

“Those with more traditional marketing backgrounds used to starting with the medium/tactic first may still struggle with this concept; thinking about the full story and placing the customer at the center of everything they do, whereas digital has created and nurtured people who think like that,” Arthur told The Guardian.

Arthur went on to say that B2B marketers must understand their customers “inside and out” by putting themselves in their position. Once this step is finished, firms can then craft their campaigns around this idea and try to sell them on how their products are a solution.

B2B marketing automation will play key role moving forward

B2B marketing campaigns can become disjointed at times if firms are using too many platforms at once. This can also make it difficult for businesses to truly measure the success of their marketing strategies or determine a clear return on investment. Luckily, marketing automation can help B2B firms maintain a better handle over their outreach.

Looking ahead, it appears that more B2B marketers will likely adopt marketing automation, according to a recent study by RaaB Associates. In 2013, revenue from these solutions will expand 50 percent from last year, totaling $750 million.

David Raab, author of the B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST), said the overall B2B marketing automation landscape continues to enjoy healthy growth. However, larger companies do not fall under this category.

“But some of the larger firms are reporting a lower growth rate, and, unlike previous years, we haven’t seen enough growth by industry challengers to raise the industry total,” he said.

B2B marketers may not have the easiest time reaching their target audiences, but understanding their customers and using valuable tools can breed success.