Some old B2B marketing goals still apply today

B2B marketers without effective tools like marketing automation software may find that their campaigns are falling short of expectations because they lack cohesion and are not hitting the mark. Looking ahead to 2013, companies in this arena will have to operate much like they have for so long, placing even greater emphasis on solutions that can measure success and point organizations in the right direction.

Business 2 Community’s David Dodd recently suggested that not much has changed in more than 20 years in the B2B marketing landscape. The writer explained that B2B marketing campaigns in 2013 will still rely heavily on ways to identify clientele that are ready for sales pitches and those that are not.

“In 2013, as in 1990, B2B companies will need to ‘stay in touch’ with prospects who aren’t ready to begin a serious buying process … because some day they probably will be ready,” Dodd wrote.

Next year will also be important for B2B marketers to provide clients value and information that can improve their companies instead of trying to entice prospects that are simply not ready, according to Dodd.

The B2B marketing landscape has certainly changed in many respects, but the overall goals of more than 20 years ago still apply to today, Dodd concluded.

B2B marketers’ focus in 2013 should be consistency
Any B2B marketer that does not have a cohesive campaign is not showing its overall goals to potential clients, confusing other companies in the process. In 2013, B2B marketers should focus on the three C’s, according to B2B Marketing’s Erica Bell, which are creative, consistent and capture.

“One of the most important aspects of online content marketing is producing it on a consistent basis,” Bell suggested. “While social media is one space that demands consistency, a blog, email newsletter or anywhere else your share content are equally important.”

Bell encouraged B2B marketers to determine the content that is the most effective at generating potential leads in 2013 for the capture aspect. In terms of creativity, businesses must produce material that makes them stand out from the crowd if they want to find success in 2013.

The job of B2B marketers is not an easy one, but the right tools and approach can mean all of the difference as companies try to capture more sales and enter new markets.