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QSmap gives your sales team increased visibility to customers, prospects, and leads.The tool is a simple, intuitive way NetSuite users can geographically locate customers, prospects, and leads with an easy-to-use map interface. With just a few clicks, the comprehensive tools allow users to locate, view, and export segments of their data without first accessing saved searches or reports, unless desired.

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QSmap is the first solution of its kind that allows users to execute everyday search tasks using familiar tool sets, which means your team will pick it up quickly. Location and contact info is displayed clearly in a map view, or is available by list. Results can be easily exported to a CSV file, or saved as a static group in NetSuite, expediting data usage for email, event planning, call lists, and more.

For complete details, contact us by phone at (888) 351-6335 or by email at info@bmicloud.com.

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