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Pardot’s Prospect Insight is a comprehensive web marketing tool that provides an automated suite for businesses to deploy and track ROI for web marketing projects. Prospect Insight creates a “marketing pipeline” where leads are scored, graded, and nurtured until deemed “sales ready,” providing your CRM team with a prospect most likely to respond favorably from a sales call.

Prospect Insight features include:

  • Prospect Tracking: Provides detailed information, tracking who visits your website with a thorough view of search terms, page views and emails opened.
  • Automated Prospect Grading/Scoring – Prioritizes your hottest prospects with a scoring and grading system that shows which leads are “sales ready.” Customizes the profile for your ideal customer, so you can see how well each prospect fits with your company.
  • Anonymous Visitor Capture: Using cookies, the IP address of each visitor to your website is identified. A dual look-up function determines the owner of the domain name, establishing a new potential prospect.
  • Landing Page Generator: Create custom landing pages using a drag-and-drop builder. This eliminates IT assistance and creates an automated space to create profiling data over time. The Landing Page Generator also features an email validation tool that captures data from a prospect even if a form is terminated before submission.
  • Drip Marketing: Schedule personalized emails to prospects, establishing consistent visibility and communication until the prospect is forwarded to your CRM. The sales team monitors each message and reviews the response from your prospect.
  • Automatic Prospect Alerts: Pardot’s LeadDeck application provides real-time data on the prospects and companies that visit your website. Reports delivered via email to your sales team detail which prospects were active the previous day, enabling you to track which messages were effective, and which web pages were visited.
  • Campaign Tracking and Reporting: Through this prospect insight system, each contact is assigned to a specific marketing campaign at the time the data is entered. A Campaign Report Summary groups information such as visitors, conversations, open rates, click-through rates, and web search results. All of this data can be exported for advanced analysis.
  • Two-way NetSuite integration: All marketing touch points for leads and contact records are displayed on, providing a seamless, bi-directional exchange of marketing and sales information.

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