NetSuite, ERP, CRM, and Accounting

More than 10,000 businesses and organizations around the globe rely on NetSuite’s comprehensive system that is built around each customer’s record. This enables sales, support, accounting, shipping, billing, and virtually all other areas of your business, to use the same info for each interaction. And because NetSuite gives you vital business intelligence in real time, you can make better decisions faster.

NetSuite also created the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) to accelerate the development of business applications and, an online marketplace for these third-party applications.

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A new method of implementation and operational efficiency developed by NetSuite. BMI specialists were among the first to incorporate SuiteSuccess, and the results have been outstanding.

NetSuite Financials

The leading on-demand accounting/ERP solution available today, supporting all back-office operations including accounting, fulfillment, purchasing, inventory, time, billing, human resources, and more.

NetSuite CRM+

Delivers sales force and marketing automation, customer support, customization via SuiteFlex, and the best opportunity management and forecasting capabilities in the industry. It includes a customer portal, website analytics, and partner management with functionality unequaled by other CRM systems.

NetSuite OneWorld

This is a real-time, unified global business management platform for enterprises that manage multinational and multi-subsidiary operations — at a fraction of the cost of traditional, on-premise ERP solutions.


Enables users to graphically create workflows that automate, streamline, and improve common business processes across finance, marketing, sales, and service. This facilitates more rapid adjustments when changes in your business’ processes are needed.

SuiteCloud Platform

Provides tools that allow IT departments and ISVs to quickly build end-to-end business applications on top of the NetSuite platform, and to tailor offerings to existing customers. This creates a unique ecosystem where software developers can create new applications to complement existing business processes.


Delivers operational, tactical, and strategic intelligence in real-time from a single system of record — all of which is consolidated and rationalized with no need for a data warehouse. SuiteAnalytics provides dashboards and preconfigured key performance indicators, but also enables companies to customize their own analytics capabilities.

NetSuite e-Commerce

This platform equips any business to create a customized online store that integrates inventory, accounting, sales, and support, all without costly IT outsourcing.