Small businesses stand to gain much from the cloud

Even with so many companies extolling the virtues of the cloud, there’s still some attracted by the temptation of conventional infrastructure and similar servers. There are, no doubt, a variety of possible reasons to have interest in servers, but in many cases it may simply be a case of not realizing the wide variety of opportunities that exist within the cloud. From client billing software to time tracking, there’s a number of different reasons to look to it as an answer. But these are not the only options, of course – all of the different methods of deployment share common characteristics that has driven so much deployment in the past several years.

Looking to the cloud
The main reason, in the estimation of PC Pro, is the low startup cost. This is surely the subject of a great deal of debate – many people prefer one of the many other clear benefits of the technology and cite that as their primary driver further into more cloud services. Yet there is no doubt – low startup costs are a huge attraction to many in all industries.

Especially for small businesses making big decisions, as the source notes. Small businesses often operate with much smaller profit margins and, thus, smaller margins for error. In trying to keep things minimalist, the tiny cost of starting a new cloud deployment that affords a huge amount of money and allows for a great many services is very attractive to those in any industry.

A compromise solution
It’s not necessary, though, to fully choose the cloud. A hybrid solution can take into account a variety of different options, allowing a company to move into both public and private clouds at their own pace. Yet it’s clear that, if a company does not take advantage of the agility and flexibility the cloud offers in any form, it’s a dangerous tactic in this day and age.

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