Small and medium businesses need to get on board with the cloud

Many small and medium sized businesses have avoided using the variety of tools the cloud has to offer, from cloud-based ERP to client billing software, for a variety of reasons. Some simply do not think they have the need for a cloud operation in the same way that mammoth businesses and corporations do. Yet recent studies show that these smaller operations have just as much to gain, and are increasingly taking up with cloud providers.

Small, but serious
In Britain, Cordry’s recently released a report on cloud use in these moderately sized business. As it turns out,there are many ways in which these smaller operations are not taking advantage of the many opportunities that await them in adopting cloud technologies.

The study surveyed businesses with up to 250 employees in France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In total, there were about 55,000 of these mid-sized businesses. In all three of these countries, it found a massive amount of money left on the table by companies who could increase their cloud technological adoption. In the UK, for instance, the average firm stood to gain nearly $29,000 with cloud technology, while in France the sum was about $40,000.

Aid in the recovery
Medium-sized businesses have had a variety of troubles in the times since the worldwide financial troubles of the last decade. Yet in some place Cordry’s finds that they have not been recovering as robustly as many other sectors – in Britain, for instance, productivity declined by nearly 5 percent and is only now beginning to recover. The key to moving forward, the report suggests, is the cloud.

French and Dutch medium-size businesses, though, have performed far better in recovering from the recession. In large part, this is because of their adoption of cloud technology, the report finds. It has made them both more agile and resilient, and their performance has more nearly rivaled that of large firms who have taken advantage of the cloud.

Businesses of all sizes can stand to benefit from the cloud. If your business – large or small – is looking to make the move, BMI Cloud Solutions could be a great partner. With years of experience, extensive expertise and award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir, BMI can help you find the right solution for your problems, no matter what they may be.