Seek expertise when moving to the cloud

Many businesses, having seen the benefits of the cloud and watched competitors make the leap, are looking to make the move but don’t know how. It’s a complicated system to work through, and one IT consultant says that the best route is to find experts in cloud solutions.

Consultant says cloud is the move
Mark Gillon is a business development manager at Altech Isis, a company that makes software products for a number of sectors, including financial services and telecommunications companies. Their customers offer over 60 million customer service portals, so he is well qualified to comment on both large- and small-business operations looking to make changes. For those interested in the cloud, Gillon’s advice is simple: Whether you’re looking for cloud-based financial software or CRM, make sure you use a well-respected and experienced company, according to an article at IT Web.

“Cloud can be a confusing entity to organizations that don’t specialize in it,” Gillon told the source. “There are many companies now looking to invest in cloud computing, but they want to know ‘how can the cloud work for me in a South African context?’ Managers and executives are asking ‘how do we use it?’ ‘Do we offer cloud solutions or consume cloud services?'”

Stay in house?
The temptation may be for in-house IT departments to manage the jump, but Gillon does not think this is a wise move. Having worked at a particular company managing its broad range of solutions, a business’s IT workers may never have managed the leap to the cloud, and a company does not want to be the place for its IT department to experience the growing pains inherent to trying a new solution.

“An expert knows what is on offer, how it integrates and how it should work,” Gillon said. “In many cases, cloud-based solutions can do a lot more for the business if they are integrated into existing enterprise systems.”

What Gillon doesn’t think is much of a question is whether people ought to jump to the cloud. It’s a “brave new world,” in his words, one that companies need to take advantage of soon if they have not yet. If your company is looking for expertise in the cloud to either make the initial move or help consult on current solutions, BMI Cloud Solutions is a great company that can take care of all your needs. Products like OpenAir can make any number of tasks like professional services automation a lot easier.