Scientists capitalize on cloud computing capacities

Scientists who are probing the universe are driving toward storing their data in cloud computing regions, according to a published report.

The effort to study the outer bounds of the region by the Square Kilometre Array includes a radio telescope and as well as about 2,000 radio dishes that are located in South Africa and Australia. As they prepare for the daily production of mass amounts of data, leading them toward outsourcing this computer data for storage in cloud computing sources.

“No one’s ever built anything this big before, and we really don’t understand the ins and outs of operating it,” architect Tim Cornwell with the Jodrell Bank Observatory near Manchester, UK, told the news outlet, noting the cloud system is poised to allow for on-demand capacities and flexibility that will benefit the project.

Photons are set to stream as much as 1 exabyte of data per day, which is equivalent to how much the Internet oversaw in 2000.

ZDNet reports efforts are underway to tighten the security and safeguard the confidentiality that cloud computing offers its customers.