Safe, effective use of cloud systems can help companies worldwide

Project management software is useful for businesses of all sizes, even those that have limited available resources. With cloud solutions, companies around the globe can noticeably improve their everyday operations thanks to myriad state-of-the-art tools.

Shell recently began using cloud systems to offer safe, effective support to customers. According to Information Age, the oil and gas company incorporated cloud platforms into its operations in 2011 and has since optimized the value of these solutions.

“[The cloud] has allowed us to remove the blocker to agility,” Gavin Bain, service manager for cloud computing at Shell, told the news source.

Cloud systems can help businesses like Shell gain a competitive edge over rivals, which is vital in today’s challenging economic climate. Companies want to provide dependable support to customers at all times, and cloud platforms like NetSuite can make it easier for firms to automate numerous standard processes.

Big and small businesses can also benefit from cloud solutions. By using these platforms regularly, companies can become more efficient and limit their operating costs, which can have far-flung effects on their operations.

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