Remembering the basic reasons for the cloud

The cloud has advanced so far in the past decade that people often forget about the most basic reasons for its use. At this point, people have moved into considerations of more advanced cloud computing options such as cloud financial software or client billing software. Yet the most basic reasons to make the move to the crowd that many have since taken for granted should always be remembered, especially by those who have yet to fully embrace the technology.

The cloud and its reasons
Surveys on the cloud often touch on the different reasons people seek out cloud adoption, and there are several familiar responses that are most often seen. Flexibility – in the way that it allows for less physical infrastructure – is a common response, especially among small companies looking for an easier road to the start of a bigger business. Agility, too, enables greater productivity and ongoing improvements, and is often cited.

Yet one that is so basic to the cloud that it is often mentioned less is the safety it provides. In helping to store information in a remote location, the cloud makes for redundancies that ensure information will remain safe. A recent infographic from NovaStar touches on the subject. Savings is a highly cited reason, but disaster recovery was mentioned by just under two of every three companies surveyed. In addition, it aimed to reassure those who still have reservations about the safety of the cloud by noting just how widespread it is even among those companies who have a huge vested interest in safety. Almost half of the federal government has moved its operations to the cloud, with spending in excess of $2 billion by this point. The banking industry, which is in control of so much sensitive personal financial data, also has deemed the cloud perfectly safe, as more than 60 percent of cloud activity is coming from the cloud industry with tools such as cloud financial software.

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