While many companies face complicated territory plans for their sales reps, QSterritory can be used to streamline territory management to remove any confusion. The territory management tool can be fluid with changes in territory assignment and is flexible enough to be customized to fit your needs, rather than forcing you to utilize multiple lead distribution systems.

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QSTerritory Maps on computer screens


  • Easy-to-use territory assignment in NetSuite
  • Manage over-lapping territories
  • Easily visualize sales territories on a map
  • Quickly reassign sales territories
  • Interactive Map to help identify customers, prospects, leads and contacts nearby
  • Easily segment data
  • Export Lists to CSV file or create a Group in NetSuite
  • Advanced Filters to only see data that is relevant to you
  • Visualize data from a Saved Search
  • Compatible with OneWorld


Easily create and update sales territories

QSterritory gives you the option to copy and paste territory information, such as zip codes, to make sales territory creation fast and easy. This includes functionality to run updates as needed with a simple update option.

Visualize sales territories using the map

Create and manage sales territories using the map solution by outlining territories and applying them to the territory rules.

Manage overlapping sales territories

Utilizing a sales group method allows you to have overlapping territories based on product of interest, region, state and/or zip code.