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Learn how QSMap can benefit your sales team

  • Easily pinpoint/locate data with complete accuracy
  • Improved confidence that you are connecting with the right people
  • Adds an easy-to-use map view for better planning and targeting
  • Remove barriers for entity and contact searching
  • Expedite planning with key information available at your fingertip

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QSmap is a simple, intuitive way NetSuite users can geographically locate Customers, Prospects and Leads with an easy-to-use Map interface. The comprehensive set of tools allows users to easily locate, view and export segments of their data. QSmap is the first solution that allows users to execute everyday search tasks using familiar tool sets, which saves time and ensures a quick user adoption. Unlike other search tools that require Saved Searches and Reports for posting results to a Map, QSmap reduces the process to a few simple clicks.

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