The Process of SuiteSuccess – The 3 Pillars

Moving business processes to the cloud is advantageous to companies on a number of levels, but when it takes a full year to get to that point, it can be hard to make up for the initial costs. This is especially difficult for a business that doesn’t have the resources to dedicate to a traditional NetSuite implementation.

The SuiteSuccess methodology was developed by NetSuite in order to get businesses up and running on a single data set, in the cloud, that is ready for future expansion and growth, within 100 days.

By making use of “Leading Practices” developed in response to the thousands of implementations accomplished over the years, SuiteSuccess allows businesses to start realizing value and return on investment much more quickly.

The 3 Pillars of SuiteSuccess

The team at BMI Cloud Solutions can help your business utilize this comprehensive, phase-based implementation methodology, so you can begin improving the way you do business and start seeing tangible results from those improvements faster.

The SuiteSuccess Difference – How The Process Improves Overall Implementation

So how does this methodology actually work? What is changed from the traditional implementation process? How does the end product differ in such a way that the implementation timeline has been cut from a 6 month+ process to full implementation in fewer than 100 days?

The difference when you employ SuiteSuccess:

1 Implementation Consultants are involved from very early in the process.

In the past, the NetSuite sales process has been built on “solution selling.” This begins with a conversation between you and a sales rep where the rep will gather information from you on how your business works that will then be conveyed to an implementation engineer. The implementation engineer would then configure the system based on what has been relayed to him or her.

With SuiteSuccess, an implementation consultant is involved early on in the process, presenting you with the Leading Practice based on previous products and workflows designed for that industry.

2 You can see the Leading Practices rather than utilizing a (lengthy) highly customized process

If you’ve been involved in an ERP implementation in the past, you may be familiar with the “Tailored Demo.” This is a demo of a software that could be configured to fit your specific business and your current workflows.

Instead, SuiteSuccess provides you with an end-solution based on the “Lead Practices” developed as a result of the commonalities uncovered by thousands of previous NetSuite implementations.

Our pre-recorded demos will answer the vast majority of questions people have about working in NetSuite, providing clear visibility into how NetSuite can improve your business processes. Rather than a concept of a software that could be configured to suit your business needs, these demos show you the actual product you will be working with, starting on Day 1.

3 Get return value out of the system quickly.

The SuiteSuccess process helps companies identify where they should focus their energy at the start of the implementation in order to get the biggest return, sooner. This “Value Chain Assessment” is a guided process, which allows us to identify what your current business practices are and to see clearly where they could be improved with NetSuite.

The results of the “Value Chain Assessment” help us to identify those areas that need immediate intervention and which areas can be built over time or held until a future need.

Using a clearly identified starting point and end goal, and having a time tested method for making those changes not only allows users to implement NetSuite sooner, but also makes it possible to focus on the changes that will give you the greatest ROI first, so you see that return faster.

4 Project Kick-Off is more like a rocket launch than a soft start.

The experts at BMI Cloud Solutions have years of experience guiding companies through the NetSuite implementations process. In the past, it might be several weeks after the “kick off” date before digging into the Process Flows and testing to confirm those flows fulfilled that company’s needs.

With SuiteSuccess, you will be familiar with the Process Flows and how they work before the time of kick-off, and you will be using this time to note any special exemptions required for your business, ensuring any preferences or requests are applied at the get-go.

The SuiteSuccess Process Timeline

With SuiteSuccess, your NetSuite implementation will move rapidly with a well-defined implementation process:

Kick Off: Beginning on Day 1, we will be digging in to the Process Flows, looking for any specific

exemptions required for your business.

Week 5: Just 35 days in, we will have outlined every process for your business and validated all

functionality for NetSuite.

At this point, you will have users training on the system and Data Migration will already be well underway.

Week 8: By the end of this week, you will be seeing any specific process workflows that need to

be specially configured to meet your unique business needs.

User Case Testing is defined and being started.

Week 14: By the end of this week, you are live with a full production cut over.

These first 100 days are known as the mitigation phase. Throughout the Mitigation Phase, you will be using your system, rather than simply spending the time building it.

Once the product is up and running, NetSuite is designed to allow for further adaptation along the way; whether you later want to automate the warehouse, enhance ecommerce, mobilize marketing, or better manage your professional services group, NetSuite gives you the flexibility to make these changes as you grow.

And with SuiteSuccess, your business can get to that point quickly and efficiently.

Get Started with NetSuite Quicker with SuiteSuccess, with Help from BMI Cloud

For additional information on SuiteSuccess or to see pre-recorded demos of Lead Practices mentioned above, contact BMI Cloud Solutions at (888) 351-6335 or visit our website.