Process automation system can be key for IT workers

IT workers often have to tackle complicated and complex tasks, working with many interrelated parts that require painstaking attention to detail. It’s a difficult process, yet somehow they must manage the problem. But the best solution, according to a recent article from InfoWorld, is a process automation system.

In working on a solution to a problem in integrating Exchange and SharePoint 2013, J. Peter Bruzzese was encountering a variety of roadblocks that made the job frustrating. He was trying to allow users to connect a shared mailbox with storage from SharePoint. There was no shortage of expertise necessary, according to the article: not merely an incredible understanding of Exchange and SharePoint, but also DNS configuration, certificate services, and PowerShell scripts.

Bruzzese was having a tough go of it until he recalled something that Tony Redmond, Exchange MVP, often said he realizes too late in the game.

“After much effort and a fair amount of swearing,” said Redmond, “I concluded that this activity is a prime candidate for automation.”

Way of the automated future
In many ways, an IT worker’s future depends on learning the business of automation. Without understanding the model, companies can fall behind and risk complete irrelevance. Workers in the field must understand the process well or else an early retirement may await them.

From B2B marketing automation software to web marketing automation, there are any number of services that the principle can quickly and easily streamline. It’s an answer that nearly every company should consider, and BMI Cloud Solutions can help your business determine what of your tasks can be streamlined and improved. It will lead to a good deal of frustration saved, in the end – and an improved business model.