Panelists extol cloud computing benefits for data center improvements

One of the key ways of optimizing and transforming data centers is facilitated with the use of cloud computing, panelists said at an event in the South Pacific on Wednesday.

ZDNet reports speakers on a panel at the Gartner IT Infrastructure Operations and Data Centre Summit 2014 said the digital economy also has prompted such a move yet companies must support a drive to prevent compromise.

Accommodating that move to the digital economy is a key demand, one panelist told the audience in Sydney.

“The old ways of doing business aren’t working anymore and organizations are having to respond to different pricing models, going to the internet of your brick and mortar, having more mobile applications, so we really have to respond faster as an organization to this digital economy,” research managing vice president David Coyle with Gartner said, according to the publication. “If the business is having to respond quicker, then you as an IT organization will have to respond quicker than ever before.”

He pointed to three key steps that companies may use to their advantage: Use core systems that are open to renovation; source infrastructure and implement existing data favorably via cloud computing; and establish a biomodal structure to facilitate activity between services that are traditional and non-linear.

Another panelist noted an increased amount of attention directed toward the cloud. He pointed to some of the various options that are in place, such as a hybrid model; an on-premise model or a service provider that operates via third-party means.

Data Center Knowledge reports the movement to the cloud is becoming increasing easier, at least more so to advance infrastructure rather than return all material back to a private data center.

But those interested in the service should consider needs of users, data and workload proximity, the news source reports.