North Jersey city implements cloud computing

A Northern New Jersey city is capitalizing on the benefits of cloud computing, according to a published report.

City manager Tim Dacey said the construction office of Englewood is one of the busiest and most congested offices of its type in Bergen County, reports. The effort toward the technological advancement that cloud computing offers turned out to be quite convenient and helped cut down on difficulties in the city’s construction office by eliminating the clutter that comes with paper.

“It’s a very time-consuming, paper-oriented process,” the city manager told the news source. “The goal is to have happier customers and to make sure we don’t lose anything and that the permit process goes smoother and quicker,” the city manager told the news source.

City inspectors notate data on tablets, which they use to mark inspection results. Those results are uploaded directly to the cloud, another example of the benefits offered by the process.

Technological advancement in the city across the Hudson River from Manhattan appears to be a trend. The municipality recently updated its official website as part of an effort to be more convenient and user friendly, the website states.