No great danger in the cloud, experts say

There’s hardly any doubt about the very real impact the cloud can have on a company. Those who have made the move usually have little to say other than very positive things when surveyed about their experience – the rave reviews come from all over about the price flexibility and productivity boosts that it brings to operations of every size. Yet at the same time, there are still those who have not yet embraced the cloud, and often they cite security concerns as the reason for not doing so. These concerns are unfounded, according to one recent expert panel.

No danger here, say experts
The recent RSA Security Conference featured a number of talks on the most cutting-edge topics in technology and security, and many of the panels contained some of the foremost experts in their field. The talk on cloud security was no exception, and those who spoke were almost uniformly dismissive of the warnings of cloud alarmists, according to Computer World.

Not to say that there are no dangers in the cloud, of course – but the panelists stressed that, done properly, the cloud is as safe as any other form of technology. Local, in-house servers, for instance, may feel theoretically more safe in that they are physically located nearby, but there is hardly anyone out there who would say these are in fact any sort of impenetrable fortress. In-house servers present their own technology concerns, but managed properly they have become sufficiently safe. The same is true of the cloud, only it offers other benefits that local servers can’t match.

Of course, first you must be sure you are working with a cloud partner you trust. If not, then you may not have the security assurance you’ve been looking for, as Bruce Schneier, one of the panelists and the chief technical officer at Co3 Systems, said, according to the source.

“The basic issue is, do I trust that other legal entity that has my data on their hard drive?” Schneier said.

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