New research continues to improve the cloud

As it has come into popular use in enterprise in the past decade, the cloud has made such rapid advances in ares such as cloud financial software that it’s hard for people to remember that there are still huge advances coming all the time. While survey after survey predicts huge growth in the market, there are fewer predictions about just how the technology itself will change in the coming years. But as new stories of cloud advances continue to come out, it’s clear that companies who have yet to embrace the technology will need to in order to keep pace in the future.

Researchers invent new process
At Stanford, most recently, a research team has made a breakthrough that could lead to a revolution in the cloud, according to Stanford News.  Christina Delimitrou, a doctoral student at the university, and Christos Kozyrakis, an associate professor of electrical engineering and of computer science, have created a new option in cluster management. The paper on the design, which the two have dubbed Quasar, has many in the field excited, such as Partha Ranganathan, an engineer at Google.

“The explosive growth of cloud computing is going to require more research like this,” said Ranganathan. “Focusing on resource management to address the twin challenges of energy efficiency and tail latency can have significant upside.”

As the cloud continues to improve in the coming year, your company needs to keep pace with the new options. It’s often easiest to do so with a partner with expertise in the field. If you’re looking for such a partner, consider BMI Cloud Solutions. With award-winning tools such as NetSuite and OpenAir at our disposal, we’re ready to help you get to the next level.