NetSuite won’t remain stagnant

NetSuite has built a name for itself as a leading cloud-based ERP and financials software vendor. In an interview with IDG News Service, company CEO Zach Nelson spoke about a number of topics, including its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings.

The news source asked Nelson whether he believes that NetSuite has reached its full potential regarding its SaaS suite.

“No. The good thing about NetSuite is that we architected it correctly from the start. Multitenancy out of the gate, that was a very important decision,” Nelson told the news provider. “We chose to make it very customizable. Not all SaaS applications are customizable. We put deep customization in the first iteration of the architecture.”

Nelson was also asked whether NetSuite was heading down a familiar path regarding legacy platforms. The news provider indicated that some of these solutions become stale over time because vendors do not add new features to them and cut back on research and development (R&D) spending. Nelson said that NetSuite has tripled the number of developers working on R&D on its platform.

NetSuite also has a major relationship with Oracle. Nelson told the news provider that the vendor does not anticipate migrating to other platforms and will stick with Oracle.

NetSuite more than just ERP vendor

Although NetSuite has been at the forefront of cloud-based ERP, the service provider offers much more, according to an Enterprise Irregulars report by Phil Wainewright. The writer explained that NetSuite also includes effective financials and revenue management (FRM) platforms.

NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP is a leader in the industry because the company has built a strong client base, Wainewright explained. But the vendor also includes functionality that offers CRM and eCommerce functionality. This allows clients to connect their most important transactional data to both online and offline interactions.

Beginning in 2012, NetSuite issued end-to-end interaction solutions for financial and eCommerce solutions. Wainewright explained that eCommerce had been overlooked until this point, but the launch of SuiteCommerce changed that. The platform was developed to support social media, mobility and current eCommerce demands.

If NetSuite continues on its current path, it will likely experience growth with its different solutions. The IDG News Service report indicated that the vendor is surpassing industry expectations in terms of its success.