NetSuite SuiteCommerce solution delivers results

NetSuite, a leading provider of cloud-based ERP and financial software, is expecting more businesses to adopt its SuiteCommerce solution as 2013 rolls around. The company said that the platform is ideal for helping firms improve the shopping experience for users and enhance overall efficiency. Other advantages of SuiteCommerce include the ability to lower operational expenditures, building greater brand loyalty.

SuiteCommerce may be just what the doctor ordered for merchants in 2013, according to Andy Lloyd, NetSuite’s general manager, especially for those operating with outdated IT infrastructures.

“NetSuite SuiteCommerce unleashes the power of the cloud to ratchet up business efficiency and delight the omnichannel customer through a uniquely-personalized experience,” Lloyd said. “Having positioned themselves to achieve their own business resolutions, these companies can focus on the needs of their customers.”

Cloud computing may still be a maturing technology, but it is changing how companies do business. Few vendors have been at the forefront of the development of the cloud like NetSuite and, looking forward, this will continue to be the service provider’s bread and butter.

NetSuite believes in the cloud

Instead of relying on on-site and outdated IT systems, NetSuite is encouraging more companies to adopt cloud-based applications. Zach Nelson, NetSuite’s CEO, recently spoke at the Business Cloud Summit in London and explained what is expected to take place regarding the use of cloud-based solutions in 2013.

“Cloud technology and digital commerce will undoubtedly play a large role as multiple touchpoints with businesses and consumers demand a more dynamic, interactive customer experience, across multiple interfaces,” said Nelson.

ERP is one of the more popular enterprise applications that have migrated to hosted environments. Nelson explained that more companies are implementing multi-tiered systems and this will continue in the near future.

Cloud-based enterprise applications are expected to remain popular among businesses. A recent Market Pulse Survey by SailPoint found that one-third of all enterprise applications are run in hosted environments. By 2015, this figure will reach 50 percent.

Jackie Gilbert, SailPoint’s vice president and general manager, encouraged companies using cloud-based environments to implement monitoring tools to address any potential protection risks down the road.

Businesses looking for ways to improve employee collaboration, customer experiences and productivity should strongly consider moving away from aging systems in favor of the cloud.