NetSuite Optimization

Getting The Most From Your Data – Optimize Your NetSuite Instance

Organizations across the globe in need of an efficient, scalable, and comprehensive software solution to manage business operations are turning to NetSuite. As the only unified SAAS solution with the capability to manage every aspect of a business’ operations – from sales and support to billing, shipping, inventory management, accounting, and everything in between – within a single solution, NetSuite offers companies of any size and in any industry the ability to better organize their data, streamline daily workflows and manage operations as they continue to grow.

NetSuite allows for endless opportunity for managing and using your business’s data, but it can be difficult for a business to identify where and when changes should be made in order to best improve overall functionality and efficiency.

  • Is your organization seeking to generally extend your NetSuite functionality or efficiency overall?
  • Are there particular challenges or pain points within NetSuite your organization wants to improve?
  • Are you looking for a solution from NetSuite to a challenge unique to your organization?

Whether the best answer for getting the most from what NetSuite has to offer your organization is to implement an existing NetSuite module, a new NetSuite application, or build a customized workflow solution, working with the professional NetSuite partners at BMI Cloud Solutions will help your organization both identify those areas in need of improvement and develop a plan for making improvements that will provide the greatest return.

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NetSuite Process Mapping: Identifying Areas for Improvement

If you are already up and running with NetSuite but looking to get more out of your system, our process mapping audit will identify areas where changes may have the greatest impact and help you explore options to improve and expand:
  • Overall Functionality and Efficiency: Using JavaScript, C# and web services, we help to extend NetSuite functionality to improve those processes that are unique to your business.
  • User Interfaces: By improving automation and creating customized options, we ensure data most relevant to your team is available as needed, when needed.
  • Workflows: Adding automated functionality will save time and reduce redundant processes.
  • Cross-Platform Synchronization: Synchronizing data across disparate systems like Hubspot, Pardot, Salesforce, etc., in order to make your data more useful to you.

Facing Challenges, Finding Solutions. BMI Cloud Solutions

Need to Optimize Your NetSuite? For any challenges your organization is facing, the experts at BMI Cloud Solutions are here to help you get the most from NetSuite. We work closely with your team to understand how you operate, help you identify areas for potential growth, and implement new functionalities to improve efficiency and make your data better work for you.