NetSuite on mission to gain rivals’ business

NetSuite is one of the leading providers of cloud-based ERP and cloud-based financial software on the market and does not appear to be resting on its laurels. In a recent interview with Channel Pro, NetSuite Channel Development Director Martin Painter spoke about how the company plans to gain more clients by targeting businesses from rivals.

“In the past we have organically grown with partners that have understood the value of cloud, [but] now we’re really focused on the recruitment side, and what we’re saying is that channel now is very, very important,” Painter told Channel Pro.

The news source explained that although NetSuite has a healthy customer base, it could be even greater, especially compared to some of its biggest rivals. According to Painter, the vendor’s rivals may try to develop cloud solutions, but they are no substitute for NetSuite systems. The company recently signed two major partners away from Sage.

“[They] looked at what’s out there and said, ‘No, we need a pure cloud … We don’t want something that was historically installed, and has just been put on the cloud,’” Painter told the news source.

NetSuite Cloud-based ERP offers firms many advantages

As NetSuite continues to position itself in the cloud-based ERP market, companies not relying on the hosted environments may be doing a disservice to themselves, opening even more opportunities for the vendor to strike.

Businesses still relying on on-site ERP deployments may want to consider moving this and other applications to the cloud. Wired’s Kevin Beasley suggested that midsize firms are always looking for ways to improve their existing ERP apps by making them more accessible to staff members. This can be achieved by implementing mobile cloud technology and business intelligence systems.

If successful, cloud-based ERP allows organizations to lower operating costs, boost employee collaboration and improve customer service. But the end results can be harder to achieve than some realize. Beasley explained that it is imperative for businesses to conduct internal audits with input from the operations, finance and manufacturing departments to see how policies will be changed by mobile and BIT deployments.

As more companies become familiar with the cloud, the migration of ERP and other enterprise apps to hosted environments will likely follow.