NetSuite in 100 Days: Your Path to Success


Driving and maintaining profitable growth continues to be a top-of mind issue for Boards, C-Level executives, and investors in the manufacturing industry. BMI Cloud Solutions provides clients with the next level tools of the NetSuite Business Management Suite to overcome the challenges of modern manufacturers:

  • How will my employees handle increased global complexities of multiple currencies, foreign tax and regulations, and product delivery in a 24/7 market?
  • Is my business ready to connect to emerging technologies such as Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence?
  • Would my current financial and operational systems handle a doubling or tripling of capacity in a growing competitive marketplace?

BMI Cloud Solutions will bring clarity and experience to your decision to implement NetSuite. We understand that a company-wide software implementation is not only a transformative experience, but also a very painstaking journey.  While our discussions always include the promise of how new technology can bring a new level of competitiveness, one common question we receive from C- Level executives is:

When will I be able to translate these greater capabilities to my vendors and customer base?

Transforming Your Business In 100 Days: Let’s Begin This Conversation

NetSuite is the deepest and fastest growing cloud business management solution on the planet. How can you achieve a rapid time to value and extract the competitive advantages of NetSuite so quickly? BMI Cloud Solutions offers a truthful, realistic view of what it will take to get you up and running in 100 days.

60% Faster Go Lives | 18% Lower Implementation Costs

The Benefits of the SuiteSuccess Methodology

SuiteSuccess is NetSuite’s answer that offers maximum performance with minimum set-up. The key benefits users can expect to take advantage of are:

  • Industry-leading best practices pre-built into the system
  • Pre-defined roles for each department, ready to be assumed by your workforce
  • Detailed Business- and industry-specific process flows and KPIs built-in to the system
  • Fluid set-up and employee training

By making the process easy on the user, the invaluable tools provided become that much more approachable. With expedited on-boarding, employees can understand and utilize the system to its full potential faster than with a traditional, full-scale implementation.

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