NetSuite ERP – SuiteWorld


Our team just wrapped up a few days out in San Jose at the NetSuite SuiteWorld 2015 event and found it to be extremely well done. This was our 5th year attending and each year the material keeps getting better. This year we sat through a few of the customer success stories and found many company’s have initiated some new NetSuite ERP technology representing major shifts in the way they do business. This helped cement CTO, Evan Goldberg’s comments about NetSuite being a Disruptive Platform.

Of all the customer sessions we attended the one that demonstrated the largest disruptive technology adoption was one of the meeting where LoveSac (Their product featured in our blog image!) presented on their future and how they’re changing they way we buy furniture and accessories. LoveSac, who’s moving to the new NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced functionality presented on how NetSuite has helped streamline their back office business while also improving their customer experience. They key to their future success is all about the OmniChannel experience. OmniChannel is a consistent shopping experience regardless of being in store, mobile or online. How would this change your buying experience? Imagine walking into a store and having the assistant walk over with a mobile device and show you your past purchases and what’s in your current cart. There are so many ways this can improve the buying experience and I can’t wait to see what the final outcome is.

NetSuite and the cloud are having significant impact on business environments and the changes are coming faster and with such an array of platform enhancement that I think we’ll see a leap frog effect in retail leaders. I suspect companies moving to platforms like SuiteCommerce Advanced will gain on and surpass their competitors. This is just the tip of the iceberg with NetSuite, but it’s clear to see the cloud is here to stay – In fact, I read something last week that stated 70%+ of mid size companies will standardize on the cloud by 2020 – that’s less than 5 years away! Are you ready?

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