NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson highlights importance of cloud-based solutions

NetSuite is one of the premier providers of cloud-based ERP and financial software solutions on the market, and the firm plans to highlight the future importance of cloud computing. NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson will present at the Business Cloud Summit conference in London on November 29. Nelson will also speak with IT journalist Charles Author about how the cloud can help companies expand in the current landscape.

Nelson said that companies should already be thinking about how 2013 will usher in new possibilities and problems, but cloud computing can help.

“Cloud technology and digital commerce will undoubtedly play a large role as multiple touchpoints with businesses and consumers demand a more dynamic, interactive customer experience, across multiple interfaces,” said Nelson.

Nelson added that he will also speak about the growing demand for two-tier ERP systems, the types of problems CIOs are struggling and how different markets are handling new advancements.

NetSuite solutions helping companies of all kinds

According to NetSuite, more than 12,000 businesses currently leverage its offerings in some capacity, including Australia’s mail courier service, Mailplus. The company adopted NetSuite’s cloud- based CRM, sales and financial systems and increased its revenue in 2011 to more than $20 million.

NetSuite also said that Mailplus improved its customer signup process from 100 per month to 200. The courier’s sales cycle was reduced from three months to one week.

Chris Burgess, Mailplus CEO, explained that the company’s older systems struggled to keep up with its expansion, which necessitated the move from on-site applications to NetSuite.

“Switching to NetSuite solved these problems, giving us the scalable platform we need to grow our business,” Burgess said. “More importantly, our franchisees now have a real-time view into every aspect of their business at anytime, particularly customer sales.”